Join us here, on this web page, at the above date and time for a real experiment in celebration. We are honored that you might care enough to tune in. We're very glad to share this moment with you, even from afar.

The wedding will be streamed live on YouTube. We will update the embedded video below with the correct one when the time comes. Below the video box you will find slightly more information, should you require it.

We are not requesting gifts! Not the least of all because we aren't actually hosting you! This is a relatively cheap wedding! But, we also understand that some of you simply must shower us with gifts, in addition to your love. Our cup runneth over. You can find our registry here.

Alternatively, please consider giving to charity in our honor! Some of our favorites are Central Texas Food Bank, Color of ChangeRAICES TexasNational Nurses United, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Please offer your love and support to others (and yourself, of course) however you can as we face the increasingly difficult future together.

Want to send us a postcard or a photo or a note or something ELSE? Our address:

Portia and Kyle
207 Old Austin Hwy
Johnson City, 78636

Do you have a way to play YouTubes over some speakers instead of out of your laptop or phone? Please do it! It will make the experience much more satisfying and immersive, and also audible.

After the video program, we will take a break for dinner and drinking. If you care to spend even more time with us, we will be dancing and laughing and goofin' to the hottest tunes that side of the Potomac, thanks to DJ Powderfinger aka our great friend Zach. Tune in here!


Please ignore the fact that this page is hosted on our small business website. We did not know how to embed video on our regular wedding website.